Community College Education

Everyone knows that you’ve got to go to college to get the best jobs but all college educations are not created equal.  A community college education is as academic as any of them but a community college education is more practical for many students’ needs than is a university-based education.

With a community college education, you’ll learn all the academic information you’d be learning in a four-year university setting.  The coursework for a two-year community college degree is usually equivalent to the same amount of studying done in the first two years toward earning a four-year university degree.

A lot of the time, a community college education is less expensive than the same amount of time invested studying elsewhere.  Cost does not suggest less educational quality, though.  All schools must be accredited and the authorities who accredit colleges in one region accredit them all in the same region.  The same standards are applied to all colleges in a particular region and all degree plans are based on the same core of knowledge.

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Major universities are located throughout the country but they aren’t in every small city or community.  Community colleges usually are there, though, making it possible to have easy access to a community college education no matter where the student lives.

Many students who desire a better education must remain devoted to a job while getting the education.  For these students, a community college education may be more practical simply because community colleges often schedule classes to accommodate the schedule of working students.  Community colleges usually offer more classes at night and on weekends than traditional universities do and some of them allow a student to get a full week’s worth of education in one extended class per week.

Because so many students earning a community college education must also work, these schools are generally very supportive of working students and even help with job hunting when a new one is needed.  Universities also accommodate working students and help students find jobs but these schools typically emphasize academics above all other pursuits during the education period.  In such cases, the assistance is there but not in the same degree of abundance as at a community college.

Not every school setting is right for every student.  Fortunately, when a community college education seems to be the best fit for an individual student, there’s usually one right around the corner.