Community Colleges

One of the most attractive aspects of community colleges is that they aren’t just for kids.  Young-at-heart adults of all ages are turning to community college in increasing numbers to sharpen their work skills as the job market becomes more treacherous or to explore personal interests just for the fun of it.

Many older workers traded the books for a paycheck before graduating from college and are finding that, as their careers have stabilized and their families grown, the time is right to resume the studies.  In many such cases, community colleges offer better opportunities to do so than do universities.

The classroom hours at community colleges are generally more compatible for working adults than the schedules offered by four-year universities.  Working adults must often limit their educational hours to weekday evenings and weekends, when university classes are scarce.

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While the associates degrees issued by community colleges aren’t the same as advanced degrees issued by universities, they are often enough to satisfy educational requirements that come with a promotion on the job or a new job with a new employer altogether or to move career goals into a new direction.

Another attractive aspect of community colleges is that an adult can explore an entirely different field of work before making any dramatic career changes.  Introductory courses provide wonderful opportunities to explore something new without making long-term commitments or investing a lot of time or money.

Those introductory courses at community colleges can be a great way to explore fun things outside the workaday world, too.  Try bird watching, photography, carpentry, gourmet cooking, or whatever subject is appealing.  A new hobby, or renewed interest in a forgotten one, can go a long way to alleviate stress both at home and on the job.

It’s impossible to be too old to attend community college so never let age be a factor in keeping you away.  The average student at most community colleges is older than the average student at most universities simply because the community colleges offer more courses and more degree programs that appeal to older students than universities do.

The way of doing business is changing throughout our world.  For a lot of industries, business as usual doesn’t mean the same thing it meant 20 years ago.  This is true of the higher education industry, too.

Universities are slowly adapting to change but their traditional values and modes of operation are deeply ingrained.  It’s in the nation’s community colleges where the most exciting and dynamic changes are taking place first.

And they’re ready for exciting, dynamic students of every age.