Information Technology Education

Students looking for steady growth in the job market for the next ten years or so might want to consider an information technology education that puts them on the forefront of the computer industry.  General job projections, published by the US Department of Labor Statistics, indicate a growth rate in information technology (IT) faster than average for the period from 2006 to 2016.

Graduates with an information technology education are employed in many industries and all around the world.  Wherever a business or government uses computers, an IT specialist is needed to keep the computers up and running smoothly and to make sure the computer network remains safe from hackers and other forms of security breach.

The demand for IT specialists is shared by every industry that uses computers to get the job done.  Someone graduating with an information technology education has the freedom to conduct job searchers in a wide variety of industries or can focus the job search on a specific industry, even one that isn’t computer driven.

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An information technology education might land an applicant a job as a computer support specialist, where troubleshooting computer problems is a main aspect of the job.  In this type position, proficiency with computers is best utilized when the job applicant also possesses strong analytical abilities and communication skills that will enable professional, courteous communications at all times.

One common on-the-job occurrence for computer support specialists is the encounter with clients who might not be exhibiting their best social skills as their computer systems are on the blink.  Only a tech specialist with a calm and rational demeanor, even while under fire, can get this job done.

Other graduates of an information technology education might become administrators for networked computer systems.  These computer system administrators must ensure that the entire system of computer networks is running efficiently and securely at all times so other workers experience no down time during the workday.

One of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry is in computer security.  Graduates of information technology education are experiencing a growth rate in their field much faster than the average, as the business world’s increased reliance on computers has made keeping them secure and safe from cyber attack a primary concern.  Some computer security specialists even use what they know to help solve and prosecute computer hackers and others committing cyber crimes.

As of 2006, about 862,000 Americans held jobs as systems administrators and computer support specialists.  The field is expected to grow by as much as 18% by 2016, when the number of jobs expected to be available to applicants with an information technology education tops the 1,016,000 mark.